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Welcome to Gospelhaus Alsdorf Campus (Dominion Arena). Every Sunday afternoon we meet at 15:00 (3 p.m.) at Martin-Luther-Saal, Martin-Luther-Strasse/Saint-Brieuc-Platz 1, 52477 Alsdorf.

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Please take note that there will be no Christmas church service here in Alsdorf Campus. You may join us at Gospelhaus Aachen. Thanks. God bless you. Shalom! 

Gospelhaus International Chapel

Gospelhaus International Chapel Aachen is an international missionary family church in Aachen. Our mandate from the Lord Jesus Christ is to a vibrant church with a presence in our community. We are a church family of many nationalities and cultural backgrounds.

Alsdorf Campus (Dominion Arena) has been a vision that has come into a reality after praying and waiting for the green-light. By the divine grace of God the mother church in Aachen selected a Dream Team of six families who agreed to the calling to service in this area. The Team meet every Sunday after from 3 p.m. to pray and following God's direction to impact the Alsdorf community.


The Martin-Luther Kirche Alsdorf is a friendly warm Evangelic Church offering us in their beautiful facility great hospitality. We invite you to come and worship with us.


If you're looking for a church to fellowship with people from different nations who are excited about the Lord Jesus Christ and love to share their personal testimonies with everyone, then this is your stop.


Let's connect.


Contact Us


Martin-Luther-Straße (Luthersaal)

Saint-Brieuc-Platz 1

52477 Alsdorf



+49 170 328 7295

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Opening Hours


3:00 pm (15:00 Uhr)


Vision - Dedication - Passion

Making a difference and turning dreams into reality. Praying together, building together and celebrating our achievements together. We are dedicated to reaching our community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, disciple them and release them into the harvest field of souls globally.

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