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Its our pleasure to welcome you to our website. Just take some time to move around in the pages and get yourself aquainted.


Our desire and prayer for you is that God will grant you inner peace from your circumstances and embrace you with eternal love. May your fears make way for fresh hope. Don't ever give up on yourself or the dreams of your heart. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. Remember this: if you don't give up today, you will surely be a winner. Welcome to the International Family – a church without barriers. We pray that you will take counsel in what you've read and get connected to God. We are here to help you.


Our pastor preaches and teaches the Word of God with great passion for the unconverted hearts of men. With simplicity he also transports his audience into the stories of the Bible for deep insight. You will love to hear from him. Be blessed.


Richard Narh is a BFP Pastor and he is one of the six leaders that form the Excutive Board for the BFP-NRW. He is responsible in the region for all the International Pastors and churches connectd to AIG (Abeitsgemeinschaft Internationaler Gemeinden). He also oversees the church leaders who desires to attend the AIG Bible School in BFP.









bishop richie


Welcome to GOSPELHAUS International Chapel, Aachen. The international family (Your Father's House). May the peace of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ be with you. Thank you for coming our way via the internet. Before you plan to check out from this site, please take some few minutes to move around and get informed of who we are and how we can be of a help to you. This is the house of restoration.

Great families make a great nation. Gospelhaus International Aachen is a multicultural and multinational church with wonderful people from over 28 nations of the world. The place is an oasis of love, care and motivation. We believe that, in this life if you don't give up too soon you will make a difference and turn your dream into a reality. Joy and happiness is a choice and here in the GOSPELHAUS International we employ every opportunity to create excitement in the presence of God. Gospelhaus International  is in fellowship with BFP (Bund Freikircher Pringstgemeinden KdöR)


Our prayer for you is that God should anoint you with fresh oil and grant you His precious Spirit of illumination and revelation through the Word of God. We love to share the Word of God with all who wish to be empowered so that they can fulfill their god-given purpose in life. You may visit us on one Sunday at the 'House of Restoration' to experience God for yourself in GOSPELHAUS International. Be blessed. Shalom!
Richard Jonathan Narh our Presiding Bishop (Founder & General Overseer)




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